Monday, May 4, 2009

I got an Award!

This is a new one for me! I was reading my comments a few minutes ago and I saw that Maggie @ Maggie's Scrapps . . . has given me an award!

Thanks So Much MAGGIE! I am so glad that you like my work! (And the work of my 'Lil Kin too!)

I want to share this award with three of my favs . . . . .

Michelle @ The Scrappin' Sunflower . . . - Thanks for all of your great comments! I love reading them!

Candy @ Scraps of Candy . . . I just realized that we have been friends for 19 years . . .That in itself deserves an award!

Edit . . . We were REALLY young when we met so we're not as old as you think! (snicker, snicker!) Is that better, Candy?

Deb @ The Scrappin' Cop . . . You are truly one of the most generous ladies on the web! Thanks!

All three of these blogs can be found in my favorite blog list on the right! Go visit them, they are all wonderful!

I have so many favs that it was very difficult to narrow it down to three, but I have to say that these three ladies are some of the sweetest, most generous ladies on the web. I hope you know how much you are appreciated!


Michele said...

Thank you, you are so kind!!! :-) I will work on posting and deciding who I shall pass it on tomorrow! :-) Thank you!!!

Scraps of Candy said...

You forgot mention that we were REALLY young when we met so that number doesn't make us seem so OLD! LOL. Your new stuff is looking great. I am glad A had fun!

I made my first template! I am hosting a template challenge this month at Pretty Scrappy if you want to check it out.

It was great seeing you guys Sunday. Sorry the visit was so short.